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Free Tutorial
Learn Access VBA with The Smart Method  
    Free tutorials  
    Introduction     Session 5: Professional Grade VBA
        Complete introduction as PDF file (recommended over HTML)         Complete session as PDF file (recommended over HTML)
        Table of Contents         Foreword and objectives
        How to use the course         5-1 Understand data types
        Why does the course begin at session three?         5-2 Understand and implement strong typing and explicit variable declaration
   Session 3: The Object Orientated Paradigm         5-3 Understand arguments
        Complete session as PDF file (recommended over HTML)         5-4 Understand functions
        Foreword and Objectives         5-5 Understand ByRef and ByVal argument types
        3-1 Understand Properties         5-6 Set and retrieve form control values from within VBA
        3-2 Understand Methods         5-7 Understand scope
        3-3 Understand Events         5-8 Implement error handling
        3-4 The Access object model         5-9 Use the help system and the object browser
        Session 3 Exercise         Session 5 Exercise
    Session 4: An Introduction to VBA  
        Complete session as PDF file (recommended over HTML)  
        Foreword and objectives  
        4-1 Understand subs  
        4-2 Step through code  
        4-3 Understand step-over and step-out  
        4-4 Understand variables  
        4-5 Use the immediate window to view and change variable contents  
        4-6 USe the locals window to view and change variable contents  
        Session 4 Exercise  
Programming Standard for Writing High Quality Access VBA Applications
Complete standard as a PDF file (recommended over HTML)
General rules
Table and field naming
Field properties
Access object, form control and variable naming
Constants, variable declaration, error handling and object destruction