Access Advanced Expert Course Outline.  Summary of Microsoft Access training course content.

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Course Outline for Access Advanced Expert Training. Training course by Microsoft Master Instructor
All training is not the same
  High quality 100-200 page course manual
  Buffet lunch
  Laminated quick-reference card
  Instruction by Mike Smart (A Certified Microsoft Master Instructor)
  Held at excellent air-conditioned training venues throughout the UK and the world
Access Training Course by Microsoft Master Instructor.
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Course Level Duration Prerequisites Covers
Microsoft Access Logo Expert One
Must be fully conversant with all topics taught in the competent user course Only advanced
Who is this course for?
This is our Expert course because that's exactly what you will be at the end of the day. 

You must realise that the Competent User course that precedes this is not only a beginners course but covers all essential Access skills.  You will not be able to handle the Access Expert course on its own unless you are truly totally competent already!  If in any doubt review the competent user outline before booking this course.
  • If you are a power Access user and want to learn the better use of advanced features such as macros, advanced query design, parameter driven reports and many-to-many relationships then this course is definitely for you.
  • If you are considering taking this course and have  a specific business problem you currently need to address we can adapt this itinery so that you go home with a ready-made solution.

Check out the things you'll be able to do after taking the course  by reading the outline below.  We really can teach you all of this in just one day and you'll return to the office a fully-fledged Access Expert and be a master of every single interactive Access feature.

Database Design

It is not possible to be a proficient Access user without also understanding how to correctly design and implement a relational database. We do not list "Database Design" as a separate topic in our course outline. Design issues are covered throughout the course so that by the end of the course each delegate is extremely proficient in both the advanced use of all Access features and relational database design best-practice.

During the Expert course we will build on the one-to-many relationships modelled in the competent user course and introduce many-to-many relationships, a type of relationship that often causes confusion.  We'll introduce several design rules that will empower you to quickly and efficiently model any type of relationship in your designs.

Lessons and Sessions
We structure our courses into sessions.  A session usually takes about an hour and a half and we have coffee/cigarette breaks between sessions.  Each session has a set of objectives that you'll achieve.  

The course outline below isn't all that you will learn but a summary of some of the key skills you'll go away with.  You really can learn all of this in a single intensive eight hour day (there's no doubt about this, our unique teaching method ensures your success)!

Course Outline
Working with Queries
     A Quick Review
     Creating a Multiple Table Query
     Creating a Calculated Field
     Using Expressions
     Using an IIF Function
     Summarizing Groups of Records
     Display Top or Bottom Values
     Parameter Queries
     Finding Duplicate Records
     Finding Unmatched Records
     Crosstab Queries
     Delete Queries
     Append Queries
     Make Table Queries
     Update Queries
     Left, Right and Equi-joins

Working with Forms
     Creating a Form with AutoForm
     Modifying a Form
     Adding and Deleting Fields
     Moving and Sizing Controls
     Changing the Tab Order
     Working with Control Properties
     Working with Form Properties
     Working with Multiple Controls
     Adding, Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Controls
     Changing a Controlís Data Source
     Creating a Calculated Control
     Changing a Controlís Default Value
     Using the Control Wizard
     Creating a Subform
     Modifying and Working with Subforms

Working with Reports
     Creating a Report with AutoReport
     Modifying a Report
     Adding and Deleting Fields
     Moving and Sizing Controls
     Adjusting Page Margins and Orientation
     Adding Page Numbers and Dates
     Understanding Report Sections
     Grouping and Sorting Report Data
     Adding subtotals at group and report level
     Creating Calculated Controls
     Working with Section Properties
     Creating Charts with the Chart Wizard
     Developing parameter-driven reports

Formatting Forms and Reports
     Formatting Fonts with the Formatting Toolbar
     Changing Text Alignment
     Using AutoFormat
     Changing Colours
     Applying Special Effects
     Using the Format Painter
     Adding Pictures and Lines
     Automatically Aligning and Spacing Controls for Pixel-Perfect Professional Presentation
     Changing a Controlís Formatting Properties

Working with Macros
     Creating and Running a Macro
     Editing a Macro
     Working with Macro Groups
     Assigning a Macro to an Event
     Creating Conditional Expressions
     Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke Combination
     Developing Context-Driven Reports using Macros
     Using Macros to Create Dialog-Based Parameter-Driven Reports

Working with Other Programs
     Importing Information
     Exporting Information
     Importing Objects from another Access Database
     Linking Information from an External Source
     Analyzing Records with Microsoft Excel
     Exporting Records to Microsoft Word
     Mail Merging Records to Microsoft Word
     Using Hyperlink Fields
     Using OLE Object Fields
Where you will be at the end of the course
When you've taken the Expert course you'll be one of the few Access users in the world that is truly capable of driving Access to the max. 

There is another level you can move to with Access.  It isn't really an Access skill but involves using the powerful programming language Visual Basic for Applications to write custom extensions to Access.  In other words, you can program new features into Access that were either not thought of by Microsoft or that address very specific business needs  that Access can't handle out of the box.

Access can also be used to write polished, professional-grade programs.  If this is your ultimate goal you will have to also master the VBA programming language. 

VBA is a huge and challenging subject and our published Access VBA book Buy Learn Access 2003 VBA With The Smart Method Buy it from is one of the top sellers in its field.  We've delivered our unique Access VBA courses all over the world as it is such a rare skill that it is difficult to obtain quality instruction!

If you are an Access Expert but have requirements you can't meet with "out of the box" Access you'll need to consider our Access VBA course