Access Complete Developer Course Outline. Summary of Microsoft Access training course content.

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Course Outline for Access Complete Developer Training. Training course by Microsoft Master Instructor
All training is not the same
  High quality 100-200 page course manual
  Buffet lunch
  Laminated quick-reference card
  Instruction by Mike Smart (A Certified Microsoft Master Instructor)
  Held at excellent air-conditioned training venues throughout the UK and the world
Access Training Course by Microsoft Master Instructor
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Microsoft Access Logo Expert including VBA Five
None Everything (including VBA programming)
Complete Developer Course (5-days)

Some of our clients have an urgent business requirement.  They need a solution fast.  A working Access application that can be used right now and further developed as required.  The problem is that they do not have the required advanced Access skills in-house.

One solution would be to employ an Access contractor to develop it.  The application might take months to build, need a big development budget, and still not really address requirements.  This is because the developer is an Access expert but not expert in your own business and will not fully understand your requirements.  Communicating them may take a long time - but the business needs the solution now.

Isn't it obvious that if a person with an intimate knowledge of your business needs can build the application you'll achieve your goal faster and at a lower cost?  Not only that, you'll have an application that can be maintained, refined and further extended in-house at nil cost!

Give us an intelligent person (or persons) with a logical and analytical mind  - who may never have even seen Access before but completely understands your business requirement.  We'll send them back with a working application and all of the Access, Database Design and VBA skills they need to maintain it and add new features. 

The delegate will build your application during the course by analysing which entities (tables) and attributes (fields) are needed and then defining correct constrained relationships. The delegate will then build all (or a subset of - depending upon what is possible during five days)  of the forms and reports needed to start using the application right away.

We'll cover all topics in our Access Competent User course, our Access Expert course and our Access VBA Course - all within the context of your own business requirement.

Without a doubt this course provides the fastest and lowest-cost route to create a custom business database application.

To discuss this in more detail e-mail us with an overview of what you need to achieve.  We'll clearly communicate what is, and isn't, achievable in five days.  You'll be amazed at how much can be delivered in so little time and at such little cost.