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About our Access Training Courses
All training is not the same
  High quality 100-200 page course manual
  Buffet lunch
  Laminated quick-reference card
  Instruction by Mike Smart (A Certified Microsoft Master Instructor)
  Held at excellent air-conditioned training venues throughout the UK and the world
Access Training Course by Microsoft Master Instructor
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About Our Courses
How we developed our teaching method
The Smart Method is a teaching methodology that is particularly suitable for teaching computer application software but also very effective for most training purposes.

We began by taking the highest common factor of accepted best-practice teaching techniques and then further developed our techniques based upon feedback from the hundreds of students that have attended Smart Method courses during the last six years.  This is an ongoing process and we're always looking for even better ways to maximise your learning experience.

How we teach
The Smart Method has been delivering IT courses to many of the world's leading companies since 2001.  Smart Method courses are addictive.  Once you have taken a Smart Method course you'll find all other forms of learning sadly lacking.

There are many ways in which IT skills can be acquired.  The Smart Method was born from the realisation that most contemporary training methods produce inconsistent and often ineffective results.

Our revolutionary training method is so effective that we have had 100% success to date in transferring the relevant skills covered to each and every delegate who has attended our courses. 

Here's some examples of how our courses differ from those you may be used to:-
  • You won't, in the main, do much work with some tired old example files (such as spreadsheets and databases).  We tend to teach skills by creating examples that are relevant to your own business... or sometimes by using your own sample files that you have brought along.

    Our method recognises that you'll learn most effectively when you instantly see the relevance of the skills learned to making your job easier and more efficient.
  • Tuition is completely "hands on" for the delegate.  The instructor guides the students through each software feature by reference to the logic of the process being taught rather than being given specific "by rote" instructions.   

  • Our instructors don't stand in front of you lecturing.  We don't teach by "imitation" (the least effective way of learning).  We keep lecture-style instruction to an absolute minimum. 
  • We don't move on to the next topic until each and every delegate has thoroughly understood the topics already covered.   Assessment is thus a continuing and integral part of the teaching process.  We don't give you a "test" at the end of the course to prove skills transfer - by which time it is too late to do anything if it is found that you didn't understand the course material!

    It simply isn't possible to take a Smart Method course and return thinking "I switched off after the first ten minutes and learned nothing" as is so often the case with contemporary lecture-style teaching.  Each and every student will always learn the materials presented, with our teaching method there can be no other outcome!
  • Our courses are meticulously prepared.  When appropriate we use intuitive animated slides to explain complex processes in a simple audio-visual way.
  • We don't "stack it high and sell it cheap".  You won't get much individual attention in a class of twelve (though it is very profitable for a training provider to offer this type of course while representing poor value for the delegates). 

    We have an absolute maximum of six delegates per class and the average is far less than that (individual tuition is actually our most popular option).  This enables the instructor to be positively sure that each delegate has achieved the maximum value possible from the learning process. 

There is a lot more to our method than the above and we're constantly refining our system based upon feedback from our courses.

Whatever size your business is, and to whatever extent you currently use IT, we are here to help you to maximise your return on both your human resources and your investment in technology.

Our only goal is to provide the very best training experience possible.  We'll never compromise!