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Learn Access 2003 VBA in One Day with this FREE COURSE microsoft access logo
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Mike Smart - Author of the Free Access 2003 VBA tutorial  I've taught Access VBA skills to thousands of people and now I'll teach you Access 2003 VBA completely free of charge.  You don't even need to register! Here's what you need to do:
  1. Download my free Access 2003 VBA tutorial as a PDF and then print it out.

  2. Work through the tutorial - anybody can do it in eight hours or less. 
  3. I don't assume that you've ever written a line of VBA code but I do assume that you're competent with interactive Access.

I've helped thousands of people learn Access VBA, now let me help you.  And best of all, it really is entirely free.

What's the catch?

If you really enjoy the free tutorial and want to expand your Access VBA skills even further you might want to purchase my book.  But that's up to you.

Your company may send you on a Smart Method Classroom Course after you've impressed them with your mastery of VBA. This site also has full course outlines, prices and other details of the Access courses we offer throughout the UK and the world.

The site also promotes our Application Development Services.  Our vast experience and extensive library of pre-built access modules can deliver your project faster, and at a lower cost, than you can imagine!

I'll sign off now and leave you to enjoy the site Mike Smart Signature